Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation
Duration: 00 hr 01 min
Category: Animation, Comedy, Family 
Actors: Adam Sandler,Selena Gomez,Andy Samberg
Director: Genndy Tartakovsky

The plot

Mavis surprises Dracula with a family voyage on a luxury Monster Cruise Ship so he can take a vacation from providing everyone else`s vacation at the hotel. The rest of Drac`s Pack cannot resist going along. But once they leave port, romance arises when Dracula meets the mysterious ship Captain, Ericka. Now it`s Mavis` turn to play the overprotective parent, keeping her dad and Ericka apart. Little do they know that his `too good to be true` love interest is actually a descendant of Abraham Van Helsing, ancient nemesis to Dracula and all other monsters.

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